Why are Meat-Lovers Recommended to Veggie and Tea House

The Veggie and Tea House contains dishes that provide nutrients much needed for a balanced diet. Of course, we are not here to turn anyone into a vegetarian. Although, studies show that there is a positive effect of vegetable intake on decreasing the risk of diseases that are attributable to a meat-based diet. The typical American's diet consists of primarily meat products. It is the fat in the meats that provide tastes, smells and texture. Unfortunately, it is the fat in meats that are responsible for many of the health conditions that plague most Americans, with diseases such as high cholesterol, hypertension, cancer, and heart disease.

Numerous studies have shown that meat consumption increases the risk for heart diseases due to the fact they contain cholesterol and saturated fats. Many children and young adults already show signs of arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure because they eat mainly just meats and not enough vegetables. Cancer has also been shown in multiple international studies to be related to a high-fat diet. Haemoglobins and Myoglobins, which are detected in red meat, trigger a chemical reaction called nitrosation forming carcinogenic compounds which increase risks of intestinal cancers.

The Veggie and Tea House offers the solution to all meat lovers. A great deal of positive evidence indicates that vegetable intake decreases the risk of disease, particularly coronary artery diseases and cancer. Studies also prove that high intake of fruits and vegetables lower your blood pressure. As for cancer, studies shows vegetables inverse associations with cancer, such as cancer related to the lungs, breast, prostate, and the colon. The Veggie and Tea House does not want you to change your lifestyle to stop eating meats. Instead, we just recommend eating healthier with the sufficient amounts of fresh vegetables to ensure a healthier, longer life and to help you fight and prevent diseases such as cancer.

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