Recommended to eat at Veggie and Tea House

Everyone should eat at the Veggie and Tea House, but the foods we serve are aimed to help those who are in need of a better diet filled with fresh vegetables to benefit their own health. Our entrees are a great alternative to the Western-meat diet, appetizing for young kids, those who are health conscious, the elderly, as well as for those with poor or immune systems. Our great tasting dishes make it easy and fun for everyone of all ages and tastes to make sure they are getting enough of the proper nutrients through a balanced, daily diet of fresh vegetables.

People with Unbalanced Diet

A. Meat-Lovers
It is hard for meat-lovers to change their diet style because its hard to drift from their trends of having a predominantly based meat diet. We at the Veggie and Tea House understand that and suggest coming and trying certain foods once a week, such as the cheesier entrees and fried foods. Then after enjoying those entrees to sample some of our fresh, healthier entrees and realize it is not hard to give up meat every now and then to make sure you are keeping up with a balanced and healthy diet of fresh vegetables.

B. Children
According to statistics, most of the teenagers in America do not care much for eating vegetables. Therefore, they do not eat the proper vegetables to attain enough nutrients for their growth, which is very important during their early stages. Children enjoy our dishes because they don't like the traditional vegetable servings that they are used to. We keep entrees taste enough for kids and our cheesier entrees are very popular with the teenagers as well as adolescents.

C. Fitness Related Interests
To stay fit and in good shape physically, you not only need to work out on a daily basis, but also watch your diet intake. It does take time and, for the most part, is difficult to stick with it. For those dedicated to proper fitness, we provide lighter entrees that still are tasty and delicious.

D. The Elderly and Those with Weak Immune Systems
The elderly and those with weak immune systems usually suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. Veggie and Tea House offers the entrees that provide the much needed vitamins, minerals, and nutrients doctors already recommend to help fight and prevent cases of these diseases.

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