About Veggie & Tea House
The Veggie and Tea House, a subsidiary of Suilo Corporation, was founded in 2000 by a team of distinguished physicians, scientists and health-related experts to promote and distribute high quality, fresh vegetables from it’s strategic partner, Formosan Farm-a limited partnership of the same parent company.

The Mission Statement of Veggie and Tea House is as following: Establish Veggie and Tea House as the Avant-garde in fast food chain restaurants to promote a healthier and better living style by providing premium vegetarian meals made of high quality, fresh vegetables from our own farm.

In the beginning of establishing Veggie and Tea House, the owner decided to develop fast and healthy meal based on two trends in restaurant industry. One trend is to operate a restaurant in a chain-store model. Therefore, all meals sold in the restaurants are designed to be prepared within two minutes of ordering even by people without any experience in cooking, a competitive edge for expanding chain stores in the approaching future. The other trend is that people are gradually conscious of the importance of a balanced diet for health, consuming more and more healthy food. By offering fresh vegetable, Veggie and Tea House lets people gain health and vigor, which is important to conquer the strenuous life style.

  Our Standard
1. No Preservatives
Veggie and Tea House has a commitment to only serving fine international cuisines made from only 100% fresh foods with no preservatives. From our farm, our trucks make deliveries every two days to ensure the quality and freshness of our meals sending our own grown farm fresh vegetables to be prepared and cooked in our restaurant.

2. No MSG
Our philosophy behind our mission is to serve a healthy cuisine through vegetables, avoiding the image of a typical Chinese food restaurant. MSG was found to be in Chinese restaurant foods, and after a 1995 FDA-commissioned report was considered harmful and hazardous for your health. The image we are providing is not of a Chinese restaurant with foods that contain higher amounts of sodium and even MSG, but it is of an international healthy cuisine.

3. All Natural
There are no artificial colors added tastes in any of our entrees. It is all natural with the freshest ingredients bringing out their own flavor and color without the use of food coloring, added sweeteners or sodium. Thus, Veggie & Tea House is keeping our food naturally fresh and having their own unique, yet simple, tastes.

4. Facilitate Digestion
We cook our entrees at high temperatures to ensure not only quality, but to aid the digestive system to process the food easy, and keep from any food borne diseases to contaminate any of the food as it's consumed.

5. Packed with Nutrients
We aim to provide natural, healthy portions as a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and other dietary nutrients. As we have done from day one, we provide all the dietary counts for each entree alone on our menu, including calories, fat, fiber and protein.

6. Your 5+ A Day
The American Cancer Society endorses the, "five vegetables or fruits a day, cancer away" philosophy. Our dishes that we serve at Veggie and Tea House contain anywhere from 3 to 5 different vegetables within the entree alone.
  News About Our Restaurant
Within two months of its grand opening, the original of the Veggie and Tea House in Palm Desert was rated a four - star restaurant by the Desert Sun, the largest newspaper in the area. There are more than 1000 restaurants in the Palm Desert area, so far less then 20 of them have been given this honor. In 2002, the original store in Palm Desert was voted the "Best Vegetarian Restaurant" by the Desert Sun readers. Within four months of its grand opening, the San Dimas branch was praised as "Veggie heaven on the plate" by Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, the largest local newspaper, and was rated with 4.5 stars.
San Dimas

641 Arrow Hwy.
San Dimas, CA 91773
Tel: 909-592-6323
Fax: 909-592-4685
Cathedral City
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68-718 East Palm Canyon, #102
Cathedral City, CA 92234


1055 E. Colorado Blvd#102 Pasadena, CA 91106

Tel: 626-440-0088
Fax: 626-440-9988

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Loma Linda
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25552 Barton Road
Loma Linda
, CA 92354